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The Graduate Student Council is made up of graduate students with very diverse backgrounds. The GSC contains students in their second year or above that come from all different places including, but not limited to, China, Korea, India, Iran, Vietnam and the US. As a whole, we serve as the liaison between the graduate students and the administration of the FSU Math Department. We are a valuable resource for the department faculty to learn of pertinent issues for graduate students. The GSC also serves as a resource for current, incoming and potential graduate students to increase the ease of transition into our graduate programs. If you need anything or have any questions please reach out to any of the members listed below or send us an email. Do not hesitate to reach out!


Council Members


Co-Chair - 4th Year Bio

Angie studies mathematical dynamical systems models of Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Our goal is to look at the interaction, also known as synergy, between chemotoxic drugs in order to optimize patient treatment and experience. It is possible that a specific chemotherapy will help eradicate the tumor if given before other chemotherapies. Angie also enjoys analyzing dynamical systems through bifurcation analysis.

Co-Chair - 5th Year Bio

Yeuran studies islet synchronization by developing and analyzing the mathematical model of liver/beta cells. Yeuran also works with a collaborator in the FSU chemistry department to test model predictions and experiments.


Member - 5th Year ACM

Matthew is an applied mathematician who is interested in problems involving fluid dynamics. Currently, his work focuses on problems related to geophysical fluid dynamics and groundwater research.

Member - 5th Year Pure

John's research is in low dimensional topology. John is interested in studying topological properties and algebraic invariants of spaces of dimension 3 or less. Currently, John studies the classification of topologically stratified spaces called 2-stratifolds. A 2-stratifold is a space locally modeled on a 2-dimensional space where n-sheets meet.


Member - 5th Year Pure

Thanittha likes shapes, symmetries, and relations between objects. Thanittha's research interests are Fixed Point Theory, Number Theory, and Conformal Geometry. Thanittha's dissertation topic is “Conformal Tilings.”

Member - 5th Year Bio

Joshua studies pathological rhythms in cardiac cells using tools from Dynamical Systems Theory. Specifically, Joshua uses geometric approaches to analyze approximations of nonlinear multi-scale cardiac models that produce otherwise unpredictable behaviors in biology. These techniques allow for the understanding of the underlying model structures.


Member - 4th Year Pure

Soheil's research focuses on "Metric Geometry, Topological Data Mining and Statistical Shape Analysis." Soheil also has a Master’s Degree in Functional Analysis from University of Tehran, located in Iran. In his Master's thesis he worked on C^*-algebra techniques in numerical functional analysis.

Member - 3rd Year Bio

Mehran studies mathematical modeling of excitable cells such as endocrine cells and neurons (currently pituitary corticotrophs), as well as mathematical analysis of these models to explain the mechanisms for their electrical activity. I use ODEs and PDEs for modeling and dynamical systems tools such as fast/slow analysis and geometric singular perturbation theory.


Member - 3rd Year ACM

Julia is interested in Computational Fluid Dynamics with specific applications in Supercritical Fluid Dynamics. So far, that research has led me to focus on the turbulence physics of supercritical carbon dioxide jets. I also like working with high performance computing to apply the aspect of computational mathematics to my research.

Member - 3rd Year Pure

Alex's research interests include Geometric Measure Theory, particularly building the connection between Riesz Potentials and the Covering/Packing Problem on sets of fractional Hausdorff dimension. I also have an interest in other geometric type problems which can be solved using analytic tools.


Member - 3rd Year Pure

Anindya is interested in the broad field of Geometry, Groups and Dynamics. In these fields we talk about actions of groups on geometric spaces, like manifolds, graphs, and cellular structures. We also study the geometric properties of those spaces using the actions.

Member - 3rd Year Bio

Virginia works on the modeling of Biofilms in the lungs of Cystic Fibrosis patients. Virginia is currently updating the mechanics of the current model to more accurately represent the Biofilm and its natural environment.


Member - 3rd Year ACM

Sathya's research is in the area of wave propagation in dispersive media; in particular the study of the formation and propagation of dispersive shocks.
The tools at Sathya's disposal are in-house developed numerical methods and inverse scattering theory .

In the past Sathya has also worked in studying acoustics problems; and would love to pursue that as well!

Member - 2nd Year Financial

Shreya is interested in applying Optimal Transportation to Insider Trading problems. The main framework being considered for this is the continuous time version of Kyle's model of asset pricing with asymmetric information. Shreya's main aim is to try and develop the Kyle-Back equilibrium model under very general assumptions.


Member - 2nd Year ACM

Nick has an interest in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics.

Spring 2020 Events
Math Department Social
Sat, Apr 11
FSU Reservation
Apr 11, 2:00 PM
FSU Reservation
Join the GSC, faculty and graduate students for our annual Math Department Social at the FSU Reservation! We will have water sports, volleyball, food and board games! Need a ride? Sign up below.
Math Honors Day
Fri, Apr 10
LOV 101
Apr 10, 3:35 PM
LOV 101
Come as we celebrate a great year in the FSU Math Department! We present Departmental service, honors and teaching awards. We will announce the winners of our Graduate Research Week Poster Sessions and Flash Talks. Lastly, we will congratulate undergraduate Actuarial Studies majors on their exams.
Prospective Graduate Student Preview Weekend 2
Fri, Apr 10
James J Love Building
Apr 10, 10:00 AM
James J Love Building, Academic Way, Tallahassee, FL 32304, USA
Prospective Graduate Student Preview Weekend 1
Fri, Mar 27
James J Love Building
Mar 27, 10:00 AM
James J Love Building

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