Current Graduate Student Council Members 2022-2023


5th Year ACM

Oz is interested in Brownian motion and stochastic processes for modeling random behavior. Oz is also interested in studying stochastic filtering to estimate unpredictable and indirectly observable processes.

4th Year Bio

Nicole studies mathematical models of beta cells, which are the insulin secreting cells found in regions of the pancreas called the pancreatic islets of Langerhans. I am particularly interested in modeling potential mechanisms for islet synchronization. 


2nd Year Bio

Audrey is currently working on an interdisciplinary research team applying data science tools to neural datasets to gain insight into how taste is processed in mouse brains, aiming to improve our understanding of the neural coding scheme by incorporating the context of active stimulus sensation. She is also interested in machine learning and mathematical modeling of biological systems.

4th Year Bio

Francis is interested in mathematical modeling of diseases.


6th Year Pure

Alex's research interests include Geometric Measure Theory, particularly building the connection between Riesz Potentials and the Covering/Packing Problem on sets of fractional Hausdorff dimension. I also have an interest in other geometric type problems which can be solved using analytic tools.

6th Year Bio

Virginia works on the modeling of Biofilms in the lungs of Cystic Fibrosis patients. Virginia is currently updating the mechanics of the current model to more accurately represent the Biofilm and its natural environment.


6th Year Pure

Anindya is interested in the broad field of Geometry, Groups and Dynamics. In these fields we talk about actions of groups on geometric spaces, like manifolds, graphs, and cellular structures. We also study the geometric properties of those spaces using the actions.

6th Year ACM

Julia is interested in Computational Fluid Dynamics with specific applications in Supercritical Fluid Dynamics. So far, that research has led me to focus on the turbulence physics of supercritical carbon dioxide jets. I also like working with high performance computing to apply the aspect of computational mathematics to my research.


5th Year Financial

Shreya is interested in applying Optimal Transportation to Insider Trading problems. The main framework being considered for this is the continuous time version of Kyle's model of asset pricing with asymmetric information. Shreya's main aim is to try and develop the Kyle-Back equilibrium model under very general assumptions.

5th Year Pure

Emmanuel's research interests are in differential geometry, discrete geometry, shape analysis, functional data analysis, machine learning, optimization, and optimal transport.


5th Year ACM

Nick has an interest in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics.

4th Year Financial

Alyssa is interested in Global Sensitivity Analysis and Shapley Values. 

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3rd Year Pure

Heba is interested in Computer Algebra and Difference Algebra. Currently, she is working on defining and computing a generalization of Liouvillian solutions that correspond to higher order factors. 

2nd Year ACM

With a background in physics and computer science, Alaina's research interests include mathematical modeling and visualizing of astrophysical systems on high-performance computers.


2nd Year Financial

Ruth's research interests are in the areas of Data Assimilation and Stochastic inference. Currently, she is working on the Bayesian approach for static on-line parameters estimation in State-space models as a filtering problem.


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